The essence of life is hidden in those rare, precious moments when you can leave the world behind and simply relax. Connect with your body, focus on your mind. In order to live that extraordinary experience, it takes sublime surroundings.

Maple Leaf translates your personality into state-of-the-art wellness concepts. Whether it’s plunge pools or cryo-rooms, steam streams or snow landscapes, ice showers or light therapy lounges; our professionals will bring it to life, accurately tuned to your personal ideas. While covering the entire project, from first draft, in-house production and project management to service and support, Maple Leaf will match boundless imagination with smart innovation, advanced technology with solid determination.

Maple Leaf is an exclusive and highly dedicated label of De Klerk Binnenbouw, one of the most distinguished names in interior environments. De Klerk Binnenbouw builds on a rich history featuring royal palaces as well as legendary theatres, prestigious residences as well as majestic ocean liners and superior yachts. The tradition of craftsmanship and purpose lives on to this day in a steady stream of remarkable interior accomplishments.

The integration of wellness solutions into luxury yachts and exclusive residences calls for a special set of skills and an unusual amount of experience. In addition to sophistication, De Klerk Binnenbouw has invested all its expertise on safety, stability, user comfort, sustainability and regulations in the founding and development of Maple Leaf.